Stoneman’s Engineering is a family owned company, who specialises in the application of Thermal Spray Coating. Established in 1981, by John Warren Stoneman, the company combines its experience and great service to provide you with the customer satisfaction you’re looking for. Stoneman’s engineering aims to provide superior workmanship and materials to meet or even exceed your expectations by ensuring that your experience with us is profitable, enjoyable and stress free. By doing this we endeavour to provide products that either increase component life or reduce replacement cost and in many cases achieve both of these objectives simultaneously.

Our reputation has gained us a large client base ranging from small local businesses to the largest Blue Chip Companies throughout Australasia - No job is too big or too small for our company.

The Markets that we serve are both numerous and diverse and include industries such as :10072010036_400

  • Print and Newspaper 
  • Brick and Clay
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • General Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Government and Councils

Our Specialist Engineering Services intergrate various Thermal Spray methods including High Velocity Oxy Fuel ,Electric Arc Spray ,Flame Spray,Hot Zinc Spraying , Rokide Coating,Metco Flame Spray,Self Fluxing Alloys and Fused Coating .

The Scope of materials that may be applied is basically unlimited and primarily selected on a individual basis to provide the most suitable material for each particular application. Frequently used materials include :

In our workshop we carry out machineing on our centre lathes up to 5 meters and finish cylindrical grinding up to 3.2 meters.

Our blast preparation is done in our blast room and cabinet .We offer Welding ,Hardfacing and fabrication also.Our spray room has lathes and positioners to handle most work pieces. If your job cannot be transported our, Thermal Spray equipment is portable and can be set up at your site . 




Latest News

Cost Saving Engineering for PUMP REPAIRERS .

If you have pumps in your maintenance schedule then you have the problems caused by premature wear and corrosion.

Allow our expertise and state of the art THERMAL SPRAY coating techniques lower maintenance costs for you ,while increasing pump performance .

Common Problems Include :

  • Corrosion
  • Shaft sleeve wear  
  • Seal and bearing journal failure
  • Shaft fretting
  • Cavitations

All these problems can be improved or completely eliminated utlising our range of Specialised Pump Component Repair Services.

  • Shaft and sleeve hard metal spray coatings
  • Erosion and corrosion preventative coatings
  • Mono pump shaft refurbishment
  • Bearing journal refurbishment
  • Manufacture of new shafts and sleeves

Benefits Include

  • Longer service life THERMAL SPRAY COATING
  • Parts become reclaimable instead of requiring high coat replacment
  • Lower maintenance coats
  • Increased resistance to corrosion and erosion. 

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