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Stonemans Engineering were invited to tender the work to a apply a coating that would withstand corrosion and cavation attack to  the 20mm thick steel walls of the draft tube area ,directly under the tubine wheel .                                                  

In conjunction with Powerstation  Engineers10072010037_400  a coating was decided on and ITP put together.

Our Thermal Spray equipment was loaded and sent to the Powerstation site . Working with the Powerstation team and the Blasting contractor the job was completed on time .

Powerstation Engineers will carry out visual inspections of the draft tube and the coated area .

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Cost Saving Engineering for PUMP REPAIRERS .

If you have pumps in your maintenance schedule then you have the problems caused by premature wear and corrosion.

Allow our expertise and state of the art THERMAL SPRAY coating techniques lower maintenance costs for you ,while increasing pump performance .

Common Problems Include :

  • Corrosion
  • Shaft sleeve wear  
  • Seal and bearing journal failure
  • Shaft fretting
  • Cavitations

All these problems can be improved or completely eliminated utlising our range of Specialised Pump Component Repair Services.

  • Shaft and sleeve hard metal spray coatings
  • Erosion and corrosion preventative coatings
  • Mono pump shaft refurbishment
  • Bearing journal refurbishment
  • Manufacture of new shafts and sleeves

Benefits Include

  • Longer service life THERMAL SPRAY COATING
  • Parts become reclaimable instead of requiring high coat replacment
  • Lower maintenance coats
  • Increased resistance to corrosion and erosion. 

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